Allow Users to Sign In with Social Identities

Success Story:

JJ Hair and Salon, of San Jose, California, uses the Sumilux SSI solution to offer a simple promotion to their client base, but only those who signs in. This is only possible because SSI made signing in easy, as it is difficult to ask your clients to go through a registration process for a small promotional offer.
Check out their web site.

We offer a very simple service: you can put a Sign-In "web widget" onto your web site. In an instant your users can sign in with their Google/Yahoo/Twitter/LinkedIn identities!

No more user registration hassles, and no more passwords for your users to remember.

Easy Creation

  • Sign Up: using one of your own social identities
  • Create a Widget: by telling us a little about your web site
  • Fetch the Code: copy and paste our code snippet onto your web site

Product Updates

We are currently in our beta period, as we gather important user feedback, and put the finishing touches on this service. All users who sign up during this period enjoys this service for free, for up to 6 months after we end the beta period.

Ready to give it a try? let's go ahead and Sign Up. If you had previously signed up already, go ahead and Sign In.